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    Understanding the Applications of Suni3D Cone Beam Technology

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Suni Medical Imaging began distributing 3D cone beam systems in 2009. These revolutionary imaging systems offer dental professionals with a smaller field of vision designed to increase efficiency and practice productivity. Continue reading to learn more about the numerous applications for Suni3D cone beam technology and why it is the optimum diagnostic tool for optimum patient care. 

    Diagnostic Procedures
    Unlike other products, the Suni3D features either a 5x5 or 8x5 field of view, making it the ideal piece of equipment for quadrant dentistry. This smaller focal field allows for better coronal, sagittal, axial, and cross-sectional imaging. This smaller FOV also makes it easier for dentists to diagnose one dental quadrant at a time before creating one cohesive panoramic image, giving them greater flexibility and data for variety of cases and scenarios.  

    Endodontic procedures such as root canals have never been easier thanks to the development of the Suni3D cone beam system. By capturing up to 30 frames per second and scanning the target area in as little as 8 seconds, the Suni3D cone beam system allows you to see things that you simply cannot see with conventional 2D imaging systems. The small voxel size provides high-definition images that are ideal for the most demanding endodontic cases.

    Implant Dentistry
    Suni3D cone beam technology has also proven to be a valuable tool during implant procedures. The high-resolution cephalometric images, panoramic views, optional bite-wing capturing capabilities, and upgradable technology offered by the Suni3D cone beam system makes it easy for implant dentists to create an in-depth treatment plan and insert dental implants without the risk of damage to nearby tissues.

    Suni Medical Imaging is a leader in digital radiography and has pioneered several advanced digital sensor technologies, including the revolutionary Suni3D cone beam system. For additional information about Suni3D cone beam technology, or to learn more about our other digital imaging products, call (800) 438-7864. 

    An Overview of Suni3D HD

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Cone beam technology refers to a specialized imaging technique that utilizes narrow, columninated cone beam scanners in order to reduce radiation while allowing dentists to create more accurate images of their patients’ oral structures. However, not all cone beam systems are created equal. Continue reading to learn what makes the Suni3D HD cone beam system different than other devices.

    • Suni 3D Panoramic
    • 3dimaging

    The Suni3D HD is the first and only three-dimensional cone beam system available for under $75,000. In other words, this device breaks the financial barrier of entry that most dental practices face when attempting to upgrade their imaging machines. When coupled with the Section 179 IRS tax deduction, purchasing the Suni3D HD cone beam system allows you to save time and money while still advancing your practice’s digital scanning abilities.

    High-Quality Imaging
    The Suni3D HD features a voxel size of .08mm, providing for high-resolution three-dimensional images of the dental structures and anatomies that are not visible using 2D imaging systems. In fact, the Suni3D HD even offers better image quality than most competing three-dimensional systems. This small voxel size, which can be configured up to .125mm, provides unmatched image quality and ultimately makes complex endodontic cases and implantology easier to complete.

    Accompanying Software
    Suni3D HD cone beam systems come with Ez3D software, a simple program that seamlessly integrates with any of the imaging products offered by Suni Medical Imaging as well as your existing practice management applications. Complete with a graphical user interface, easy-to-follow instructions, and a multi-planar display, the Ez3D software enables you to examine individual slices and take precise anatomical measurements.

    The best way to determine if the Suni3D HD cone beam system is right for you is to consult with a dental imaging specialist. Give Suni Medical Imaging a call at (800) 438-7864 to learn more about our innovate products. You can also learn about our products by visiting our website.   

    Discussing Suni Medical Imaging Equipment

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Since being founded in 1995, Suni Medical Imaging has been proud to offer dental professionals with the latest and most advanced digital dental technologies on the market. Over that span of time, Suni Medical Imaging has pioneered several advanced digital sensor technologies that have revolutionized the field of digital radiography.

    In this clip from a 2011 Trade Show, we demonstrate our digital x-ray technology and new cone beam systems. The cone beam systems from Suni feature both a 5x5 and 8x5cm field of view and are available in panoramic and cephalometric styles. Watch this video to learn more!

    Suni Medical Imaging is only the world’s largest manufacturers of digital x-ray sensors and is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to service, support, and design. Contact us today to learn how our digital imaging products can bring your dental practice into the 21st century.


    Tips On Getting the Best Image Quality Possible from Your Digital X-Ray

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Digital x-rays, also known as digital radiographs, have forever changed the way dental professionals diagnose and treat various dental conditions. And while digital x-rays provide better much image quality than their film-based counterparts, it is still important to educate yourself on the steps you can take to get the best image quality possible.

    Carefully Manage Your Exposure Time
    It is important to remember that different areas of the mouth require different exposure times in order to create high-quality images. As a good rule of thumb, the further back the tooth is, the longer the needed exposure time. The upper teeth and molars, for example, generally require longer exposure times whereas the front teeth require shorter times. Images in which the teeth appear sharp are generally overexposed while images that appear grainy or have too much “noise” are considered underexposed.

    Download Positioning Guides
    Dental practices that utilize digital dental x-ray systems like the Suni3D HD have a number of tools at their disposal to increase their image quality.  Make the most out of your investment in advanced dental technology by downloading one of Suni Medical Imaging’s many positioning guides. These guides will help you set and calibrate your digital x-ray machine to produce the best images possible.

    Review Suni’s Online Tutorials
    In addition to providing several downloadable positioning guides, Suni Medical Imaging’s website features several videos and online tutorials to help educate you on all of our devices and systems (including our intraoral and extraoral x-ray devices) so that you can obtain the high-quality, precision images you need for even the most intricate restorative procedures.

    Considered one of the leaders in digital radiography and digital dental sensors, Suni Medical Imaging is your number one resource for intraoral imaging devices, extraoral imaging systems, intraoral cameras, and easy-to-use dental software. Boost your practice efficiency and overall productivity by contacting Suni Medical Imaging at (800) 438-7864 or by browsing our website. 

    Suni Sensors: Case Studies

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Digital dental sensors such as the SuniRay are designed to provide dentists with information that is not evident or obtainable using older technology. In other words, technology like this can help revolutionize your dental practice.

    This video examines how SuniRay digital sensors from Suni Medical Imaging were used to treat a patient who came in complaining of pain in their upper left quadrant as well as sensitivity to pressure and cold temperatures. After scanning the patient’s mouth with digital dental sensors, the dentist was able to identify large fillings, evidence of problems with a previous endodontic treatment, and symptoms of a possible sinus infection.

    Give Suni Medical Imaging a call at (800) 438-7864 to learn more about our digital dental sensors. We also offer digital intraoral cameras and cone beam imaging systems to help you provide quality services to your patients.

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Since 1995, Suni Medical Imaging has been a leader in digital radiography, pioneering several advanced digital sensor technologies. From our ISO 9001 certified, state-of-the-art facility in San Jose, CA, Suni manufactures two different digital sensors, and distributes an intraoral camera and 3-in-1 digital pan/ceph/cone beam solution. Call Suni Medical Imaging at (888) 550-3490 to learn more about the latest advancements in digital imaging technology.

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